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Get Involved: City of Fort Collins Engage

Please use the directory below to find the perfect opportunity for you. When you are ready to register for an opportunity you will be asked to complete our standard volunteer application. Please note some opportunities will require you to answer additional questions.

Community Development & Neighborhood Services

Become part of an enthusiastic community that shares your passion. Volunteers are critical in all parts of the Neighborhood Services Department. Volunteer today!

Adopt A Neighbor



The City of Fort Collins seeks willing volunteers who want to help their neighbors through this uniquely challenging time.  Volunteers will be paired with neighbors in need who are vulnerable to COVID-19 and need assistance with daily tasks. Tasks may include but are not limited to grocery shopping and delivery, basic errands, driveway shoveling, and more.


  • Will vary by connection- request in the application


  • Connect with a neighbor in need
  • Develop a list of tasks that would help them be more comfortable in their situation
  • Initiate and report all connections through Engage
  • Conduct errands or tasks to assist assigned neighbors
  • Perform all tasks with the utmost attention to COVID-19 precautions.


  • Wash hands regularly, disinfect surfaces regularly, avoid direct contact with others whenever possible, avoid touching your face, and practice good hygiene.
  • If you are feeling ill or exhibiting symptoms, stay home! In times of distress, the work of a healthy volunteer is vital, but personal health and safety are always of primary importance.
  • If you are experiencing a fever, a cough, and shortness of breath, consult with a doctor or medical professional immediately.
  • Volunteers belonging to the most vulnerable populations should consider rescheduling commitments or consider virtual alternatives to their regular, in-person volunteer activities. 
Time Commitment:


  • A high level of professionalism is expected in every interaction
  • High attention to COVID-19 protection standards
  • Detailed reporting through Engage
  • Initial training through Volunteer Services is required


Time commitment will vary depending on availability and need.


  • Development of customer service skills.
  • Free use of MAX and Transfort while actively volunteering.
  • Limited access to City personal and professional development opportunities.
  • Access to City job application system and select volunteer opportunities.


This is a position of trust- background check required

Ready to get involved?

Contact Sue Schafer, sschafer@fcgov.com, or apply online to become a volunteer.

Greeter Table


This is an unpaid volunteer position assisting the Development Review Center staff as they serve customers who have questions relating building permits, contractor licensing or need guidance navigating other Community Development and Neighborhood Services departments.  Customer service is provided with integrity and efficiency, treating each individual with courtesy and respect.

Time Commitment:

Our hours for this table are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.  The two most important hours of the day are 8-9 am and 4-5 pm.  This is when the building is open to the public for access to Neighborhood Services and FC Moves, but the gates are closed for service activities in Engineering and the Development Review Center.  We need 5+ volunteers to staff this table full-time (45 hrs. total). 



Ready to get involved?

Contact Shar Gerber, sgerber@fcgov.com, (970) 221-6767 or apply online to become a volunteer.


Become part of an enthusiastic community that shares your passion. Volunteers are critical in all parts of the Connexion Department. Volunteer today!

Neighborhood Ambassadors


Connexion is the City-owned fiber network and broadband service operator. Building out this network is a major undertaking and can be disruptive for neighbors from the original locating, to drilling activities, to having many workers out and about. Connexion would like to engage neighbors to help spread the word that construction is coming Ambassadors are needed to serve as an important conduit for information, questions and concerns. Ambassadors will also provide Connexion with any neighborhood specific information that may be important i.e. known irrigation systems, private street locations, etc. 

Time Commitment:

Flexible Time Commitment

Ready to get involved?

Contact Ginny Sawyer, gsawyer@fcgov.com, or apply online to become a volunteer.

Information Technology

Become part of an enthusiastic community that shares your passion. Volunteers are critical in all parts of the IT Department. Volunteer today!

Open Data Projecs


This is a volunteer position collaborating on projects relating to the City Open Data portal. Projects will use existing and new datasets with goals of assisting City departments to use their data more efficiently and making the data more accessible for a wide range of resident interests.

Using analysis, coding, visualization, and other skills to assist City staff in decision-making around data. Using the OpenData Portal and Github for storyboards, visualizations, and analyses. Collaborating with other volunteers and City staff.

Time Commitment:

This assignment is very flexible. Please commit to one volunteer meetup (in-person or virtual) each quarter.

Ready to get involved?

Contact Tim Campbell, ticampbell@fcgov.com, (970) 221-6379 or apply online to become a volunteer.

Natural Areas

By becoming a volunteer with us, you are joining a long history of community commitment to conservation. Since its inception, the Natural Areas Department has engaged volunteers on every level, from education to stewardship to leadership. Volunteers help extend outreach and strengthen community involvement. We believe that volunteers are one of our most valuable resources.

Volunteer today!

Skills Based Volunteer


Are you interested in giving your professional-level expertise to help natural areas? Skills Based Volunteers help complete projects including data analysis, web design, writing, and more. Find your project and apply to help! To apply, please list the project title you are interested in helping with on the application, and explain how your experience and skills match the project description.




Find out more about volunteering with Natural Areas.

Ready to get involved?

Contact Charlotte Norville, cnorville@fcgov.com, (970) 416-2480 or apply online to become a volunteer.

Recycling Ambassadors

Become part of an enthusiastic community that shares your passion. Volunteers are critical in all parts of the Recycling Ambassadors Department. Volunteer today!

Recycling Ambassador


Three R Enthusiasts, read on! This is the ONLY volunteer opportunity on the Front Range where you will: 


  • Make an important contribution to our community's recycling efforts.
  • Receive valuable and hands-on learning about recycling - through action, educational tours and meetings.
  • Have the opportunity to pass on your knowledge to others in the community.


  • Public relations and communication skills, including the ability to interact and work effectively and courteously with people from varying social, cultural, and economic backgrounds.
  • Interest in, and knowledge about (will be provided at training) Waste Reduction and Recycling issues.
  • One-hour site tour, and site training (usually an hour or two)
  • Fill out a Shift Feedback Form after every shift.
  • Check-ins: “Coffee Catch-up” meetings with other RA's every other month. Emailing the Coordinator regarding updates.


  • This is a position of trust: a yearly background check is required.
  • You must have an email address and basic computer skills (some exceptions may be allowed)
  • You must be 16 (with parental approval if younger than 18) or older to apply for this position.
  • To apply for the Recycling Ambassadors Program, submit an application (on the right side of your screen). 
Time Commitment:
  • Commit to at least one, two-hour shift per week for at least six months.

Ready to get involved?

Contact Maureen McCarthy, mamccarthy@fcgov.com, or apply online to become a volunteer.

Senior Center

Become part of an enthusiastic community that shares your passion. Volunteers are critical in all parts of the Senior Center Department. Volunteer today!



Three opportunities!

Pool and Billiards Room Maintenance

Light maintenance and cleaning of Pool and Billiards Room. Vacuuming of pool tables, cleaning whiteboards, maintaining supplies, washing supplies, etc. 

Prairie Sage Dance Assistance 

Assist with our bi-monthly, Monday night Senior Dances. Includes greeting, ticket taking, assisting with snacks, and cleanup. 

AV Assistance

Set up and run AV equipment during various programs, movies, etc. at our Senior Center. Includes working sound system, lights, power point presentations, video conferencing, all things technical.  Training provided.

Time Commitment:

Pool and Billiards Room Maintenance

1x week, on your own schedule, generally a 3 hour time commitment

Prairie Sage Dance Assistance 

Every other Monday night/flexible Monday nights, generally a 4 hour time commitment 

AV Assistance

Times vary based on scheduling of various movies, shows, presentations and events.  Volunteers would be provided with 1-2 month schedule of when these take place, though movies do take place  every other Friday and one Wednesday/month.  Volunteers may select which opportunities work best for them. Most opportunities require a two hour time commitment. Training provided.

Ready to get involved?

Contact Ashley Ruffer, aruffer@fcgov.com, (970) 224-6033 or apply online to become a volunteer.

The Farm at Lee Martinez Park

Become part of an enthusiastic community that shares your passion. Volunteers are critical in all parts of the The Farm & Northside Aztlan Community Center Department. Volunteer today!

Tour Volunteers


Join us for school field trips and fun at The Farm!  We are looking for energetic adults who would like to share the wonders of the farm with local children.

Time Commitment:

Must be available during the work day. Dates and times will vary.

Ready to get involved?

Apply online to become a volunteer.


Become part of an enthusiastic community that shares your passion. Volunteers are critical in all parts of the Transfort Department. Volunteer today!

Transfort Volunteer


Volunteers will work closely with the Transfort Travel Training Coordinator to help educate the community about Transfort services including MAX and FLEX.   

Time Commitment:

Commit to at least 10 hours of volunteer service per year. Schedule varies based on event requests (busiest seasons are spring and summer).


View the volunteer description here 

Ready to get involved?

Contact Anna Russo, arusso@fcgov.com, (970) 416-2642 or apply online to become a volunteer.


Become part of an enthusiastic community that shares your passion. Volunteers are critical in all parts of the Utilities Department. Volunteer today!

Community Engagement


Community Engagement (CE) is the Utilities division responsible for engaging stakeholders in programs and services through several strategies, including program management, customer education, public participation and community partnerships. The CE intern will complete a range of tasks, including direct to customer outreach and education, event and program logistical support, research and strategic development support.


• Engage directly with community members to share information and resources that empower them to make informed decision about utilities.
• Conduct outreach activities such as tracking progress and sharing program related information.
• Participate in community organization meetings.
• Assist with data collection, documentation and analysis.
• Provide logistical support for stakeholder relationship development strategies.
• Assist with large- and small-scale event logistics and implementation.
• Assist with youth school program and field trip education logistics and implementation.
• Conduct research on best practices and strategic opportunities.
• Additional tasks as assigned.


• Helping people make informed decisions that help them save money and reduce their impact on Fort Collins, the region, and the world.
• Opportunity to learn and practically apply customer service, community engagement and program management skills.

• Professionalism development opportunity in a highly respected municipal organization.
• Academic and community service credit available when all criteria are met.
• Partial access to the suite of employee personal and professional development opportunities
• Access to City job application system and select opportunities not available to the public.
• Access to City volunteer benefits such as a free transit pass.

Time Commitment:

• Spring Semester (based on CSU calendar) with an opportunity to continue as appropriate.
• Typical assignments occur Monday-Friday between 8a-5p
• Night and weekend event support common.
• 10-20 hours per week.

Energy Conservation Volunteers


Description of Event
Interested in building the Fort Collins community and advancing sustainable energy practices? We need your help! We’re seeking energetic and passionate individuals to serve as energy ambassadors in the community. Ambassadors will volunteer at local multifamily properties to educate residents on the importance of energy conservation and easy ways to conserve.

You will interact directly with residents, talking with them about easy ways to save energy in their residences, while also saving money on their energy bills and contributing to a greener community. This is a great opportunity to put your passion for sustainability to practice by supporting the City of Fort Collins and its climate action plan.

This project is associated with the City of Fort Collins’ voluntary Multifamily Building Energy Challenge, which the Institute for the Built Environment is managing.

Volunteer Role
This opportunity begins in early January and ends in late February. If you are unable to begin until mid- to late January, we still encourage you to apply. Applicants who can begin in early January will be selected first.

This volunteer role will kick off with a one-hour training that overviews the City’s Multifamily Building Energy Challenge, and messaging and strategies for engaging with community members regarding energy conservation. The training will take place at IBE’s office on the CSU campus, and IBE will provide you with all necessary outreach materials for the duration of your participation.

After training, IBE will pair you with one or more multifamily residences in the community. Your role will be to visit the property and directly engage residents on-site in conversations regarding energy conservation. Depending on the property, you may talk with residents passing through the lobby, go door-to-door, host educational events, and/or implement other education and outreach strategies.

Time Commitment:

2 hours/week

Ready to get involved?

Contact Hellen Castro, Hellen.Castro@colostate.edu, or apply online to become a volunteer.

Youth Programs

Become part of an enthusiastic community that shares your passion. Volunteers are critical in all parts of the Recreation Youth Education Department. Volunteer today!

Water Safety Aide


Assist instructors with swim lessons by creating a fun learning environment for participants.  This is a great opportunity for youth volunteers 14 and older.

Ready to get involved?

Contact Sophie Anders, sanders@fcgov.com, to become a volunteer.

Youth Instructor Assistants


Assist Recreation Instructors with youth classes.

Time Commitment:

Time commitment varies depending on class.

Ready to get involved?

Contact Lisa Freeman, lfreeman@fcgov.com, (970) 416-2528 or apply online to become a volunteer.