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Do you think recycling is important? See a Recycling Ambassador in action Why I Volunteer As a Recycling Ambassador, you will help people recycle right! This unpaid volunteer position (at the new Timberline Recycling Center) will include the following duties:

  • Greet and welcome Recyclers and answer their questions at the Timberline Recycling Center.
  • If possible and willing, assist Recyclers to unload materials.
  • No need to “police” Recyclers; however, safety is a #1 priority, so volunteers will report any unsafe conditions to the City.

Not excited about the duties described above? Here are other ways you can be involved:

  • Help with Outreach Tabling – Join the RA Outreach team and table at events like the Farmers Market, Lagoon Concert Series and more.
  • Give Presentations – To educational institutions, organizations, businesses, and community groups.
  • Get trained to give TRC tours: in Spanish or English.
  • Help with our outreach giveaways. We need your creativity! Help with ideas and/or creation of our "SWAG."
  • Help with the new A – Z list.  Help us maintain our new updated A-Z Recycling Tool. This tool is a comprehensive database residents can use to look up if and where items can be recycled, dropped off for reuse, or composted.

LOCATION: Timberline Recycling Center, 1903 S. Timberline Rd., Fort Collins, CO

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Recycling AmbassadorsGet involved! Click on the "more" link to the right for more info and fill out the application to be on your way!

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