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Volunteers are critical to the mission of the Gardens on Spring Creek to improve lives and foster environmental stewardship through horticulture. Make a difference and join our community of volunteers to garden, staff special events, help with administrative tasks and educate tomorrow’s leaders!

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  Fri 12/10, Sat 12/11, Sun 12/12, Mon 12/13, Tue 12/14, Wed 12/15, Thu 12/16, Fri 12/17, Sat 12/18, Sun 12/19, Mon 12/20, Tue 12/21, Wed 12/22, Thu 12/23, Fri 12/24, Sun 12/26 |   04:15 PM | Gardens on Spring Creek

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Garden of Lights! This event features a half-mile loop of perennial flower beds, huge sculptural flowers, grapevines, butterflies, a holiday village, and other favorite garden creatures – all constru...

Co-Volunteers: Addilyn M, Aiden B, Allison L, Anita B, Bill C, Diane M D, Edith B, Eliana T, Elizabeth S, Erin T, Haley C, Ilene D, Joeann G, Judy P, Karen S, Lexie C, Linda M, Lois W, Maggie H, Melanie S, Michelle H, Nancy C, Sandra U, Sandy C, Susan D, Suzanne P, Tina N, Young Men's Service League (
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Want to join in the fun?  The Gardens relies on 10,000 volunteer hours donated by nearly 700 volunteers each year.  If you have the time and the desire to impact our community, we have a role for you! Just some of our volunteer opportunities include:

  • AdministrativeSupport
  • Adult Programs / Tours
  • Butterfly House Support
  • Gardening
  • Horticulture and Education Internships
  • Outreach / Ambassadors
  • Property Maintenance
  • Special Events
  • Youth Programs
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