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Welcome to Engage!  Engage helps you manage your involvement, either as a participant or volunteer, sponsored by the FC Volunteer Program. Browse the calendar, edit your profile, and get involved!


About Boards and Commissions:

  • Boards and commissions are the same. Each is established, specifies duties, and functions individually as quasi-judicial groups. Their main purpose: to give citizens a voice in the decisions that their local government makes.
  • Boards/commissions review, discuss, and advise City Council regarding any case-by-case policy or program pertaining to their specific areas of expertise.


Joining a Board or Commission:

  • New Member Recruitment occurs annually on December 1st. Applications are only available during recruitment.
    • Subscribe to be notified when recruitment begins on the boards and commissions web page.
    • Subscribe to Volunteer Services newsletter to receive email notifications when the recruitment begins. (Follow link > click "Newsletters" and enter your email.)
  • Position Requirements
    • Must live within the Fort Collins Growth Management Area (GMA)
    • Can apply to two separate Boards or Commissions, but only appointed by one.
    • If appointed, must attend meetings to fulfil quorum for valid proceedings.
    • Can apply several years in a row -- don't be discouraged!


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Super Issues Meeting Profile Photo  Sign Up Super Issues Meeting
  Monday, 10 June 2024 |   05:30 PM | Lincoln Center Founders Room