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Our Adopt-A-Neighbor program offers snow shoveling and/or lawn mowing for residents inside city limits who are physically unable to do so and cannot afford to hire someone. This program gives volunteers a chance to show that Fort Collins is a truly exceptional community that rises up to help neighbors in need.




If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out a volunteer application and read the volunteer guidelines. By volunteering, we expect you will "adopt the neighbor" and help with shoveling and/or lawn mowing for the entire season. Volunteers are required to shovel any sidewalks that are adjacent to the property within 24 hours of accumulation. If they so choose, volunteers can also shovel the driveway and/or a pathway leading up to a front door. Volunteers who opt to assist with yard mowing would be required to keep any weeds/grass that are visible from a street, sidewalk or alleyway below 6". If a volunteer is unable to shovel or mow, we ask the volunteer to find a replacement or contact our office.




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Adopt-A-Neighbor is experiencing high demand for snow shoveling and currently have 25 neighbors waiting to be paired with a neighbor.

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