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Status: Needs 40 More Adopters
As you know, we are in a unique and uncertain time. The situation is evolving every day and puts some populations at greater risk. Yet, with all the uncertainty, we have the chance to show what Fort Collins does best—provide World Class service to our friends and neighbors. We are a truly exceptional community and you have the chance to rise up and help those around you who are in need.  The City is seeking healthy volunteers to assist with services to our vulnerable populations.  We are launching a new Adopt-A-Neighbor program meant to pair volunteers with neighbors in need. An application, background check, and orientation are required to begin.

Loralie Lelchook

Status: Needs 1 More Adopters

Norma Garza

Status: Needs 1 More Adopters

Janice Brewer

Status: Needs 1 More Adopters